A personal finance community for values-driven women.

Let’s Talk Money

Because it shouldn’t be a taboo topic anymore.

At The Pledgettes, we embolden women to to build wealth with values-aligned spending, banking, earning, giving, and investing.

Financial Literacy

with Live Webinars, Webinars-on-Demand, and special events.


Financial Community

with social events and our community app.

Financial Confidence

to take the action to achieve your Big Financial Goals.

It’s the place where your questions get answered, where you have choices, where you see what’s possible, where you feel like you can let out an exhale.

Here, it’s not just about earning more. It’s about using our wealth to reach our Big Financial Goals. It’s about learning how to make our money finally work for us.

Start a conversation. Clarify your goals. Confidently make money moves. Let go of what you might lose and focus on what you can gain.

The beautiful thing is that you don’t have to wait for “when I have this much” to start this journey. Where you are, right now, is more than enough. Your journey is ready for you. Let’s build it.

Women's Equality Day

You are invited to participate in our two Women’s Equality Day events:

8/24 in Denver at TARRA work with 10 Denver Women Communities.

8/26 a Virtual Happy Hour to celebrate, commit, and connect.

Become a Member

If you really want to know more, learn more, and do more with your money, you have to start. You have to take an action step. You have to move your money.

Host a Money Workshop

Are you a part of a company, community, or organization that would benefit from healthy, wealthy money conversations? Learn more about our workshops on values, goals, money mindset, and your Financial A-Team.

Be a PAL

If you are looking for more accountability, more support, and more celebration, PAL (or the Pledgettes Accountability League) may be for you! Applications open now!

By becoming a Pledgette, you make a commitment to yourself, to take an active role in your finances and grow your wealth. It’s turning what you know into action.

And your individual money moves contribute to a larger collective impact.

Think about it. We’re not meant to talk about, learn about, or take action with money alone. We’re meant to be in community. And when our individual actions are combined together, our collective impact is great and we become community-made women.

Four Women Talking at Table



Money Moves to Make

You + Your Goals

We believe that women should hold more wealth. Period. And that starts by knowing how to use our money and make it work for us.

Imagine what it would be like to live in a world where women held more wealth. What would that world look like? 

It would be a world filled with women making values-aligned decisions towards their personal financial goals and reinvesting in their communities. Raise your hand if you want to live in wealthier and healthier communities?

Well, at the Pledgettes, we’re making that vision a reality. We call ourselves community-made women because we know that each step we take individually has a greater collective impact.

Jenn Uhen

Oh, hey! I’m Jenn, and I have the honor of running this pretty incredible community of women.

Here are three things you should know about me:
✔ Money is my favorite topic (in a safe, supportive way).
✔ I set some Big Financial Goals in 2016 and achieved a huge milestone in October 2021!
✔ More than celebrating my progress, I love celebrating our members.

So why did I create the Pledgettes?

Well, growing up in my household, money was openly talked about. So when I became an adult, I thought everyone grew up having money conversations. Halt! Screech! I soon learned that this was far from the truth. 

The Pledgettes was born out of me asking questions like, “how do we reframe what we’ve learned about money growing up?” or “how do we change the money conversation or at least start having one?” or “how do we invite more women into the money conversation?”

Want to know more? Read the full story (you know you want to).

What our Members are Saying

My financial literacy has improved drastically since joining The Pledgettes! I've set values-based financial goals, overcome my fear of credit cards, established a concrete savings plan and more. These gals help me feel empowered when it comes to money decisions that I either would have avoided or questioned without them. Joining The Pledgettes is worth every penny!

Katherine C.

I joined The Pledgettes looking for a supportive group of women with who I could talk with about money comfortably. I got that and so much more! I feel empowered to make better decisions and set bigger goals, and I'm saving more because I'm accountable to people in the group to reach my goals.

Sarah M.

It’s crazy to think to me that prior to joining The Pledgettes in 2019 I didn’t even know that tracking your net worth was a *thing*. It has been a total game-changer for me in terms of providing visibility to my situation, and is crucial in order to make and track (and achieve!) financial goals.

Katy S.

As seen facilitating money workshops with

Ellevate Network

It’s your money. What do you want to do with it? 

Ask yourself the hard questions. Don’t be afraid to make big goals. 

Launch a business. Invest in real estate. Get excited about money conversations. Wealth isn’t cookie-cutter. It’s what you make it. 

At the Pledgettes, we talk about money because we can and we should. We have conversations that clarify our goals and embolden us to take action towards achieving those goals. 

We’re making money moves we believe in and we’re writing our own money stories. What’s yours going to be?

You are ready to take an active role in your personal finances in our financial community.