Pledgettes Accountability League

An accountability group for you to reach your Big Financial Goals with The Pledgettes and MelissaMitt, AFC® Candidate.

Your personal financial journey should not be a solo journey. If you are looking for more accountability, support, and celebration, The Pledgettes Accountability League (PAL) is for you!

Twice a month (over one quarter) we will get together to set financial goals, check-in on our financial goals, and encourage each other toward achieving our financial goals. When one of us wins, we all win — and that my pals, is why doing this in a group. It is not only going to be fun and rewarding but research shows that when you add accountability to your goals, you are 95% more likely to reach them. Those odds are in our favor!

In the League, you’ll come in with a Financial Goal and:

  • clarify your Financial Goal with Melissa Mitt, AFC® Candidate
  • identify specific action steps 
  • commit to the League
  • take action
  • check-in with your Accountability Partner
  • celebration progress, milestones, and achievements! 

Over the quarter, you’ll experience:

  • Two 1:1 Sessions with Melissa Mitt, Accredited Financial Counselor® Candidate (1 beginning of quarter, 1 at the end)
  • Six League Accountability Meetings (2 each month)
  • Accountability Matchmaking
  • Accountability Group within The Pledgettes Financial Community app

This will be a small group of 6 participants. You’ll each be paired with one accountability partner.

You are ready, complete your application by Friday, March 4th.  We will be accepting participants on a rolling basis.  Space is limited!

Learn more Melissa at

Check out the FAQ below and email with any additional questions.  

Who is this program designed for?

This program is for women who are ready to take an active role in their personal finances make progres towards Big Financial Goals.

Whether you are working toward Financial Independence, making more Values-Aligned Investments, Starting a Business, or another goal; you belong in the League.

The League is focused on clarifying goals and commiting to action. Your Financial Literacy on your goal will be commitments you make within the League. 

You will not be required to share any of your personal numbers (income, bank balances, budgets, etc).  However, know this is a safe space where you’ll participate with other women going through this experience.

What is the difference between The Pledgettes Accountability League and The Pledgettes Membership?

The Pledgettes Accountability League is for the woman that wants more attention and accountability in her personal financial journey. This is great if you want to jumpstart a Big Financial Goal and take intentional action over three months. You’ll form a bond with your PAL and those relationships can continue beyond the structure from the 3-months of the League or you can sign up for the next quarter too!

The Pledgettes Membership is for the woman that is ready to take an active role in her personal financial journey. This is great if you want a self-guided journey where you pick the events and webinars-on-demand that align with your goals. You’ll be nudged through the community but you’re in charge of how much involvement you want! Members use their membership in different ways at different times focusing on Financial Literacy, Financial Community, and Financial Confidence.

See our membership page for more membership details.

What is the cost of The Pledgettes Accountability League?

$180/quarter. Pledgettes members receive a $60 discount.

The Pledgettes Accountability League is a small group program outside of our standard Pledgettes membership. You can choose:

  • Pledgettes Accountability League
  • Pledgettes Membership
  • Both League and Membership

See our membership page for more details. on our standard membership.

When (and where) are the group sessions?

The group sessions are on the second and fourth Tuesdays of the month. Sessions will be virtually via Zoom.

Tuesday, April 12, 1-2pm MST.  Or 3-4pm EST

Tuesday, April 26, 1-2pm MST

Tuesday, May 10, 1-2pm MST

Tuesday, May 24, 1-2pm MST

Tuesday, June 7, 1-2pm MST

Tuesday, June 21, 1-2pm MST

As you are welcomed into the League, you’ll get access to the event invites to easily add to your calendar.


How do I schedule my monthly 1:1 sessions with Melissa?

You’ll work directly with Melissa to schedule your two 1:1 sessions on a mutually agreed upon times.  The majority of the times will be on Tuesdays.


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