Our events aim for you to hear different perspectives about money, learn ideas for wealth building, and find Financial Friends to celebrate and support you.


The Pledgettes hosts three types of events:

Financial Literacy Events. We invite outside speakers to share their favorite money topics.

Financial Financial Events. Our social events for healthy, wealth money talks with other women on their personal financial journey. No agenda, no speaker, no topics.

Partner Events & Select Free Events. We share our collaborative events (if they are open to the public) for you to attend. And some partner events are not gender-specific, so allies, these are great events for you.

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– 100% discount for Financial Literacy Pledgettes members
– 50% off for Financial Friends Members
– 25% off for Financial Community Members.
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Partner Events

It takes a village to make real change and we are lucky partner with values-aligned communities and organizations. If you want to collaborate on an event, check out our Speaking Page. 

There are no public partner events at this time.