As a community that is committed to making more values-aligned money moves, we have made the decision to change our event platform to Humanitix from Eventbrite for our events. Eventbrite didn’t do anything wrong. They have a powerful platform with great integrations. But we’re trying to go from good to great and Humanitix is trying new things. We learned about Humanitix from a local news article that one of our members shared in our community, had a demo call, and made the decision to move platforms.

The number one reason we switched to Humanitix is that the profits from their booking fees go to charity. They “partner with high-impact, evidence-backed charities that help disadvantaged children all over the world get access to education, healthcare, and greater opportunity for a fair-go in life.” Booking fees happen and we appreciate that Humanitix is doing good with their profits.

We hope that this move provides an easy experience for you to attend our events and that a portion of your financial support for our event will go educate disadvantaged children.

You can learn more about Humanitix impact here, follow us on Humanitix to get new event alerts here, and buy a ticket to one of upcoming events here.