Last week, the news is abuzz with the potential merger of Kroger and Albertsons.

I was pretty surprised by this since King Soopers/City Market (Kroger) and Safeway (Albertsons) are the two main grocery stores I see in Colorado and it seemed like they would have a monopoly. As I read on, they are merging to try to compete with Walmart, who is always trying to compete with Amazon.

Here are things you can do if you think big business is getting too big.
1 – Shop local. Yes, it will likely cost more money since they don’t have the purchasing power of the largest companies in their industry. Like always, we’re not looking for all or nothing. Progress over perfection. Make the switches that work for you right now.
2 – Show up at the ballot box in the November. Research candidates and ballot measures that align with your values.
3 – Talk to your representatives. They are supposed to represent you. If they aren’t, see above and vote!

If there is action you are talking, comment below.