This was a tough year for me, it did not spark joy. So I’m ready to thank 2022 and release it. Last week I was reflecting on the year with the Best Self Annual Review digital download and I came across the question, “How did you celebrate your birthday?” Because I was all ho-hum about 2022 with injury, illness, and unpredictable events, I assumed it was just an ordinary day. But it wasn’t! It started off ordinary and snowy. And then I looked at my partner around 4pm and said, “we need a staycation at a hotel with a hot tub.”  So we booked a hotel that was about 20 blocks away, soaked in the hot tub, ate Flower Child for dinner, and talked about our dreams and goals. The next morning (still snowing) we went out to brunch and ate beignets. It was a great birthday. And if it wasn’t for that question, I wouldn’t have remembered one of my favorite things from this year.

Last night, The Pledgettes community came together for Financial Celebrations of 2022. Here are a couple of the stories I’m really proud about this year.

We stopped the grind! A few members talked about how they released the pressure to push harder in their business for results and instead focused on creating a business that worked for their life. This looked like only working with ideal clients, hiring employees, and niching down to meaningful work!

We showed up and took action! Whether it was posting a question in The Pledgettes community for the first time or having better conversations with our partners. 

We did big things over time! Big Financial Goals don’t happen in a snap. We celebrated paying off a mortgage (20 years in the making), buying a new car with cash, and paying off a car loan!

And I want to celebrate more about The Pledgettes. In 2022, we:

  • welcomed 80 new members taking an active role in their finances
  • hosted 70 events where we connected as Financial Friends and learned from our speakers
  • held Financial Friends social events in Denver, Chicago, and Charlottesville
  • learned about Decision-Making, Cryptocurrency, Real Estate Investing, Financial Trauma and more
  • launched The Pledgettes Accountability League (PAL) where our participants paid off $9k in debt and doubled the revenue in their business (plus more)
  • Celebrated International Women’s Day and Women’s Equality Day with incredible women organizations in Denver
  • read books with The Pledgettes Book Club like Finance for the People and even had Tanja Hester join us when we discussed her book, Wallet Activism: How to Use Every Dollar You Spend, Earn, and Save as a Force for Change
  • moved our events platform to Humanitix
  • grew our team and had some great get shit done coworking days.

Be sure that when you reflect back, you celebrate the wins and use them as motivation to keep doing big things in community. Thank you for role you played in these wins for me in 2022!