It’s time to unburden ourselves of financial stress.

Our money workshops are set up to embolden participants to take an active role in their personal finances and take steps to achieve their biggest financial dreams.

Wherever we are on our personal financial journey, we can always be 1% better. There’s always something more to learn, share or change to improve our relationship with money.

Most of us learned about money from our parents, who learned about money from our grandparents, who learned about money from our great-grandparents. And while our parents did the best they could, now, as adults, we get to direct our financial journeys. We get to shed the money narratives around guilt and shame. We get to clarify our unique financial goals. We get to learn about new ways of building wealth so we can feel good about making money and do good with our money.

AND we may work at companies offering great benefits that we aren’t fully utilizing. It’s time to bring it all together with Money Workshop from The Pledgettes.

In each workshop we will:

  • Participate in active, healthy discussions about money.
  • Share tools, resources, and actionable ideas to continue beyond the workshop.
  • Highlight employee benefits for increased utilization.

The Pledgettes Founder Jenn Uhen is on a mission to abolish the gender wealth gap by facilitating money conversations with women and allies.

Workshop Topics

How to Build Your Financial A-Team

What would it look like to intentionally grow your Financial A-Team like you have grown your professional network? There are five types of people I believe should be on your Financial A-Team. We’ll walk through the types of people, how to find them, the questions to ask, and the red flags that should send you running.

Align Your Money to Your Values

In this workshop, we’ll talk about how to take an active role in your finances by aligning your money to your values from three perspectives: Spending, Banking, and Investing. Women and allies have tremendous power with their money decisions.

The Emotional and Financial Sides of Money

Sometimes the greatest financial move is right in front of you but there’s an emotional aspect that is holding you back. Let’s dig into that. Our Money Mindset shows up every day in our money moves, purchases, assumptions, and emotions. You have the ability to improve your relationship with money by evolving your money mindset. In this workshop, we’ll identify three things you can do to evolve your money mindset.

Dream Bigger: How to Create a Big Financial Goal & Make it Happen

When we can visualize our biggest and best financial goals, they can happen! In this workshop, we’ll discuss financial goal-setting, goal methods, and how to set yourself up for success.

Contact us to have Jenn Uhen, Pledgettes Founder, speak to your company, community, or organization.

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