Money workshops

with Jenn Uhen, Founder of The Pledgettes

It’s time to reduce financial stress

The Pledgettes Money Workshops embolden your team members to take an active role in their personal finances.

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The Pledgettes host workshops so your team members can start right-time, right-place money talks. We create a safe, fun environment where people can share, learn and be inspired. 

In this workshop we will…
…explore our current and desired relationship with money.
…practice money conversations with our peers.
…make commitments for action we want to take in our personal financial journey.

You are ready…and so are your teams.

Let’s pause for a moment and talk about personal finance. Our relationship with money is a lifelong relationship. Sure, we can ignore it, but we can’t break up with our money.

Employees with financial confidence have more financial stability, value employee benefits aligned with their Big Financial Goals, and understand how their individual contributions at work contribute to company goals.

The Pledgettes Money Workshops can be standalone workshops or hosted in a 5-part series.

Included in every workshop:

  • Interactive elements including breakouts, chat, and polls
  • Feature of your company’s employee benefits (if requested)
  • Actionable next steps for financial confidence

As an agency that’s increasingly focused on the growth of our employees both personally and professionally we turned to Jenn/The Pledgettes to provide our group with financial tools and insights that can be immediately applied to each one of our lives. The conversation that ensued was by far the most effective and impactful internal event we’ve hosted for our team in recent memory. Jenn’s workshop not only opened up our staff to ways they can take an active role in their finances but more importantly, demonstrated how simple and small steps can be taken in short order to produce long lasting impact on our stakeholders lives.

Christian Gani

Managing Director, Match Marketing Group

Interactive Money Workshops

Choose one workshop or create a series

Financial Friends: Why You Need Them + An Event to Find Them

Having money conversations is like peeling back the layers of the onion. Jenn will present her top tips on establishing a safe place, great conversation starter questions, and we will also jump into it and have money conversations in Zoom breakout rooms. To quell any fears, you will not be asked to share any of your financial numbers in these conversations. We won’t be talking about bank balances, retirement account amounts, or salary. We’ll talk about your first money memory, current financial goals, and what retirement will look like for you.

This is a great workshop to start with and it sprinkles in some highlights from the other workshops.

Evolve Your Money Mindset

Our money mindset shows up every day in our money moves, purchases, assumptions, and emotions. You have the ability to improve your relationship with money by evolving your money mindset. In this workshop, we’ll identify three things you can do to evolve your money mindset.

Setting + Achieving Big Financial Goals

When we can visualize our biggest and best financial goals, they can happen! In this workshop, we’ll discuss financial goal-setting, goal methods, and how to set yourself up for success.

Building Your Financial A-Team

What would it look like to intentionally grow your Financial A-Team like you have grown your professional network? There are five types of people I believe should be on your Financial A-Team. We’ll walk through the types of people, how to find them, the questions to ask, and the red flags that should send you running.

Aligning Your Money with Your Values

In this workshop, we’ll talk about how to take an active role in your finances by aligning your money to your values from four perspectives: Spending, Banking, Giving, and Investing. We have tremendous power with our money decisions.

As Seen Facilitating Money Workshops with

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“I just sat in on the hour session that you just did for my company. You are totally speaking my language and it is SO refreshing to hear.”

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