A Pledgettes posted this article, To Land Top Jobs, Women Need Different Types of Networks than Men, in our community last week and it resonated with many people, including me.

I remember in my twenties, my (male) coworkers frequently golfed together. I was on the golf team in high school and we would talk about how I played golf and I waited for an invite that never came. Their defense would probably be that I never asked to go, for what’s that worth.

In actuality, I didn’t want to spend time on the golf course, I wanted to build meaningful, professional relationships where there was mentorship, support, strategizing, and fun. I knew I wanted something different.

It gives me great hope to see incredible women communities, like those that celebrated Women’s Equality Day with us. These communities are created by women for women.

Here’s what two members shared:

“The Pledgettes has been an important part of my financial AND networking journey.”

“My old company had a fantasy football team that all the entire leadership team was in. They were all men and all very competitive and in-group-y. I do NOT care for sports but everyone encouraged me to play for “facetime.” I got NOTHING professionally helpful out of that experience (well . . .  except $250 because I WON!!).  What I DID get meaning from? 1:1 meetings with my women colleagues to discuss career pathing, challenges with clients and growth opportunities.”

“I also agree about needing the camaraderie with women to understand how to navigate the hierarchy and get tips. If your leadership team is made of men – it’s simply a different experience as a woman and it really helps to connect with other women peers to discuss that.”

Find your community and the support and resources you need and want in your professional journey. We are not self-made men, we are community-made women! Celebrate it!

If “networking” sounds salesy or negative to you. Reframe it! Make networking a positive, meaningful experience.