The Pledge

At the end of every event, we end by committing to action we will take. We believe that discussion and learning is powerful but action is what will change your finances.

We ask that each member make a pledge (or commitment) to themselves. We ask that each member pledge to spend an additional 1% of their income to enhancing their wealth.

The 1% Pledge is going to look different for each member as they create their wealth plan. Here are some examples:

  • Opening a high-interest savings account to save for a vacation.
  • Building up an emergency fund over the next two years.
  • Doubling revenue in your new business.
  • Investing in a Career Coach or Professional Development Program.
  • Maxing out the company match of your 401(k) at work.

The Pledge is important to our community. The research shows that womxn are great savers and when they invest, they outperform men. It’s important to increase your financial literacy and make the money moves to reach your financial goals.

Join us!

The Pledgettes is not a Financial Advisor and does not manage any of your money.

The membership dues paid to The Pledgettes grants members access to The Pledgettes community and free/discounted tickets to events.

The Pledgettes hosts events developed by experts in their field. Each member of The Pledgettes creates their personal financial plan, track/invest/spend their 1% pledge, and are responsible for the inherent risk.