The Pledge

The Pledgettes is a community of support and knowledge for women who want to improve their wealth. We ask that each member pledge (or commit) 1% of their income to enhancing their wealth. The 1% Pledge is going to look different for each member as they create their wealth plan. Here are some explains of what that could look like for members:

  • Spending $500 for a Career Coach to earn a $5000 raise.
  • Maxing out the match of your 401(k) at work, so your company contributes their max to your 401(k).
  • Opening a high-interest savings account to save for a vacation.

Collectively, we’ll track the increased Net Worth of The Pledgettes through surveying the community.

The Pledgettes is not a Financial Advisor and does not manage any of your money.

The membership dues paid to The Pledgettes grants members access to The Pledgettes community where you will find like-minded individuals to share their support and experience. The Pledgettes network will also post resources of articles, reviews, and information. The Pledgettes hosts events developed by experts in their field. Each member of The Pledgettes will create their personal financial plan, track/invest/spend their 1% pledge, and will be responsible for the inherent risk.