At The Pledgettes…

We believe Black Lives Matter.
We believe there are inequitable systems that must be changed.
We believe the racial wealth gap needs action by everyone to improve.
We believe the gender wealth gap includes every womxn and we are committed to taking action to change it.

We are committed to a wide array of programming to meet womxn where they are on their personal financial journey and share diverse perspectives on money with: budgeting, estate planning, negotiation, investing, and more.
We are committed to continuing to learn about the inequitable systems and using our voice to talk about them.

We are a community of supportive womxn making money moves to achieve individual financial wealth goals.

This Maya Angelou quotes repeats in my head over and over.  I launched this community for women (yup, -en) and was asked, “Is this for women or womxn?” I didn’t know what womxn meant. When I learned, the answer was easy. The Pledgettes was (and is) for womxn.  The gender wealth gap is not only for cisgender women.  *UPDATE* When I had ongoing conversations, I learned that womxn was also a term that makes some feel excluded, so we went back to women.

When I created my branding for The Pledgettes, I used the same colors as my coaching business, switching the primary and secondary colors. Dusty rose, anyone else? My pinky promise icon was an emerald green circle with dusty rose hands. We went with dusty rose hands and I received a few comments about it. “Is this just for white womxn?” No, The Pledgettes is for every womxn.  We have updated our pinky promise hands to represent multiple flesh tones.

I’ve said in the past that I’m first a champion for the individual womxn who wants to improve her relationship with money, increase her financial literacy, and achieve her wealth goals. Secondarily, I will advocate for change: listen to multiple perspectives, call out certain policies, share what I learn, and talk to my elected officials. In conversations and research over the past week, it’s clear that there is a difference between enacting a law and enforcing a law.  We must hold our officials accountable to both.

Finally, I’m here to be better. Since launching The Pledgettes it is this community that pushes me to be better. I appreciate everyone who is helping me do better. Want to talk more? Send me a message.

– Jenn Uhen, Founder of The Pledgettes