We are not self-made men (those don’t really exist); we are community-made women. You don’t need to go on your personal finance journey alone. We’re here for you!

Your Choices

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Pledgettes Accountability League (PAL)

Looking for more celebration, more action and more accountability? Then The Pledgettes Accountability League (PAL) is for you! Each quarter we bring a group of 4 women together weekly to intentionally work on taking Financial Action towards our Big Financial Goals. Learn more here.

Is The Pledgettes for me?

✔ You want to be included in money conversations
✔ You want to get unstuck and make your money work for you
✔ You want to go from what you “should” do with your money to what you want to do
✔ You want to start where you are and grow from there
✔ You want support, accountability, and community
✔ You want to achieve your Big Financial Goals and celebrate your successes
✔ You want to be in community with women leveraging their money for good
✔ You want to learn how to build your wealth and be a part of a movement

Am I ready for this?

Yes, yes you are. You are in the right-place at the right-time. Wherever you are on your financial journey is where you are. You get to choose where you want to go from here and who you want on your personal financial journey.

Do I have to share the balances in my bank accounts and retirement accounts?

Nope. You share what you are comfortable with. There are limitless money conversations we can have without sharing numbers. However, if sharing will make the celebrations sweeter and the accountability stronger, we encourage it! This community is here to support you.

Are the events online or in-person?

Most of our event are in-person.  However, members can host Financial Friends in their cities, which are our social events. We currently have monthly Financial Friends events in Denver.

Will this help me achieve my individual goals?

Maybe. Eek, was that not the answer that you wanted to hear? Our members are setting Big Financial Goals and achieving them. But like with any investment in yourself, it’s not enough to just pay some money to achieve success. You need to do the work. Attend events, work through the Money Workbooks, have money conversations and make some money moves. We’re here to support and celebrate you.

What will the community provide that I can’t figure out on my own?

We don’t know what we don’t know. Even growing up in a family that openly talked about money, Jenn Uhen wrote a blog, 52 Things I Learned About Money in 2020. There’s always more to learn about money and The Pledgettes offered curated events each week.

Do I need to read more books, do more things?

Let’s be real, our Founder, Jenn Uhen, isn’t much of a reader which is why a member leads our book club. We all learn in different ways which is why The Pledgettes has live virtual events, webinars-on-demand, money workbooks, book club, and more.

Why pay when there are plenty of free resources out there?

There are great free resources out there and we encourage you to take advantage of those in addition to your membership. We are a community where you’ll see familiar faces, find accountability partners, and build trust and credibility with the women in our community. We keep our membership dues low so that if you want to invest in an intensive, mastermind, entrepreneur communities, or more, your personal development budget doesn’t all go to The Pledgettes.

What is the ROI on membership?

We don’t ask Pledgettes to divulge all their numbers with us or obsessively track their numbers. We know you are a multi-faceted human and The Pledgettes is one piece to building your wealth. We do know that Pledgettes have made big money moves that they have said they wouldn’t have made without The Pledgettes. Like moving in with family, saving $18k on housing for a year while launching two businesses or creating a debt payment plan to be debt-free (minus a mortgage) for the first time ever.

I don’t have a Financial A-Team. Can I still get started?

Yes! As part of our foundation of becoming a Pledgettes, there are resources for you to learn if you have a Financial A-Team and who you need on your team. If you are looking for a lender, bank, financial advisor, join The Pledgettes, ask questions, and members can share their experiences with the people who make up their Financial A-Team. Also, if you don’t know what a Financial A-Team is, that’s fine, you’ll learn about it as a Pledgette.

Will I get 1:1 coaching? Do I need it?

We are 100% focused on building the community and our collective impact. The Pledgettes may be all the nudge you need in your personal financial journey or you may also want to invest in 1:1 coaching. We do have some members that are Accredited Financial Counselors, Financial Therapists, Certified Financial Planners, and more financial professionals that you may work with as you build your Financial A-Team.


My favorite thing about The Pledgettes is how supportive everyone is. I've seen women celebrate everything from buying their first stock to making a plan for Financial Independence. ⁠

Jessi B.

When I first started attending The Pledgettes events, I felt welcomed, empowered and excited to be in the same room as all of these people. I never feel like I'm being judged and that there is a community to feel comfortable talking about money and sustainability! ⁠

Becky M.

This organization has truly changed my life. My seemingly impossible dream of starting my own business. Within a week, I dug into webinars-on-demand, had virtual coffees with members who mentored me and it was PURE MAGIC.

Alison R.

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