Alison came to The Pledgettes with the goal to transition from being a full-time employee to a business owner. She had made the decision to take the leap, had saved up some money to cushion her during the transition, and put in her notice.

Pretty quickly, Alison began to her build her Financial A-Team including:

  • Financial Friends: Alison started building relationships with other freelancers in creative fields. She found a lot of like-minded women who had done what she wanted to do within The Pledgettes and they were ready to share their experiences, answer her questions, and celebrate her wins.
  • Mentors: Two of Alison’s Financial Friends became members. Alison asked these Financial Friends to enter a mentorship relationship. She wanted to clear mentorship on niching down in her business and pricing and established that when finding mentors.
  • A Tax Professional (Specialist). Alison found an Enrolled Agent that prepared taxes for freelancers. She appreciated working with someone who could answer her questions and get her business financials organized for taxes. It gave her the confidence she needed around her financials so she could focus on growing her business.

Within a year – Alison replaced her previous salary from her full time job with her business. Now she is working on adding revenue streams and offerings in her business and clarifying her ideal client.

For this stage, her Financial A-Team will evolve a bit to include:

  • Financial Friends: She may keep her same Financial Friends but instead of the conversations focusing on starting a business, they talk about growing her business.
  • A Business Coach (Specialist): Alison’s goals for working with a business coach includes clarifying goals and providing accountability.
  • A HR Consultant (Specialist): Alison has been considering growing her business from a solopreneurship (just her) to having employees or sub-contractors. Working with an HR Consultant can support Alison in walking through her options, the pros/cons of employees vs. independent contractors, and identifying next steps.
  • Certified Public Accountant (Specialist): As Alison’s business grows, there may be more taxes benefits she can explore with the support of a CPA. The CPA may focus on more tax strategy vs the tax preparation her Enrolled Agent was doing.
  • Diverse Thinker: As Alison explores new revenue streams in her business, she attended an event about passive income ideas and met some other business owners who have found unique revenue streams in their business.

As Alison evolves her Financial A-Team, these are some of the people that can help get her to the next phase of her business.

Alison has other Big Financial Goals beyond her business goals and will have some other members on her overall Financial A-Team that will continue to grow and shift.

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