Each year I look forward to this report. I like to see the year-over-year gains in promotions. I like hearing about the best practices that companies are doing to support women professionals.

This year, Covid-19 dominates the report. There are concerns that Covid-19 will erase the progress we have made since this report first was released in 2015.

Are you working a double shift – your job and your household responsibilities? I’m feeling it. I’m exhausted by squeezing laundry in-between zoom calls. I don’t like going to the kitchen to get more water and seeing a stack of dishes. I miss my coworking spaces that had fewer distractions and more interactions with incredible women.

The report also states there are certain challenges that are pushing women out of the workforce: even more so for moms.  Women are leaving the workforce at a higher rate than men: whether by choice or being forced out.

I fully support everyone’s choices in life; life is beyond just your job. I believe if you want it all, you should have the opportunity to have it all. Or, even if you want to choose a specific lifestyle for yourself and your family, you find ways to support women who want something different than you.

Here’s hoping that women can continue the progress they have made towards equality in the workplace.  And that instead of woman adapting to a system created by and for men, there are opportunities to build a new system that works for both men and women.

There are amazing organizations like Job Share Connect and The Mom Project that are building a new normal and new ways of working.

Do what is best for you and your family. And do your best to support every woman as they go on their own personal financial journey and professional journey.