We always say in The Pledgettes: “We aren’t self-made men, we are community-made women.”

And we know that big things aren’t done in a silo.

Which is why PAL – The Pledgettes Accountability League – has served our community so well.

Personally, I am currently in my third session of PAL – focused on improving my creative connection to my work and building passive income streams into my business.

That sounds like I knew exactly what I wanted out of this session – but I didn’t. I didn’t go into PAL with that goal.

I went in knowing I needed a change in my work life but I didn’t know what it was.

Two years ago – I left my full time agency job after 15 years. It had become consuming, toxic and I was miserable. I started a freelance business, The Ink Bolt, and started building my client roster – fast and furious.

I met with fellow Pledgettes who had done the same and got plenty of advice. I expanded my skillset to learn to design websites since it was a constant ask of my clients. I networked. I drank Zoom coffees with anyone from LinkedIn who would meet with me.

And within 8 months, I had enough business to replace my full time salary. It felt like a massive milestone – one I could never have achieved without support and guidance from my community.

Flash forward to now – 2023. My business is thriving and I love the life I’ve built: flexibility, autonomy, ownership and power over my work.

But I started feeling the itch for something MORE again.

I signed up for the first PAL session in 2023 unsure what my goals would be – but I just knew I needed something else.

I needed to scratch that creative itch and feel like some of my work belonged completely to me – not just in service to my clients.

PAL kicked off in January with my 1:1 session with Jenn and it was INCREDIBLY clarifying. She asked great questions that helped me hone in on my goals and get clear about what I wanted to achieve.

It was the start to the trail of breadcrumbs to the goals I wanted to set.

We met with our small group – 4 women – to kick off PAL and through those short, weekly conversations I got even more clarity on what I wanted to build into my business.

These women are incredible. They don’t all have similar goals to me – but it doesn’t matter. In fact, it makes us stronger.

We are holding each other accountable to build the BEST lives we can – however that shows up in our weekly goals. We are on a mission to become FORCES OF NATURE in our communities, our jobs and our lives.

I love meeting with my PAL group – 30 min every week – and hearing about the incredible things they are doing to get closer to their goals.

And the accountability for me to meet mine is REAL. I am motivated knowing that I committed to a small slice of my goal out loud to them and will be reporting my progress on Thursday morning.

They are supportive, have great ideas and always help me when I get stuck.

You don’t need to know EXACTLY what you want to do. Just knowing you want more for yourself, your life, your work. It’s incredibly powerful to be lifted up and accountable to these badass women who are rooting for you to succeed.

Your goals ARE financial goals and PAL can help you clarify them and start racing forward with amazing women cheering you on – every step of the way.

We are accepting applications for our next PAL groups that will run April 1 – June 30.


Big Things aren’t done in a silo. Get accountability with women like you who are ready to live a powerful life.

Drive Towards Your Purpose in Weekly Meetings for more:

  • Clarity
  • Action
  • Community
  • Motivation
  • Energy

I’m signing up again – I hope to see you there in April!