Sure, luck shows up in life, especially for my Irish friends on St. Patrick’s Day. However, a bigger factor in building wealth is ACTION!

When I was building The Pledgettes, I noticed a distinct difference between two groups of women.

Those women that leaned into money conversations were clear on their goals and confidently making money moves. They were well on their way to building wealth in ways that align with their values and goals.

The women that shied away from money talks were feeling stuck or putting off money decisions to “someday.” These were relying a bit more on luck.

I know you don’t want to rely on luck with your money. So take action today! Start a money conversation, find a new bank, make an investment, hire a coach.

Are you still looking for ways to take an active role in your finances?  Here are 43 different wants you can take an active role to be the CEO of your money!

The Pledgettes Worksheet CEO of Your Money