Jaime Rowe, Sales Mastermind and creator of the Close With Confidence Method answers some questions about her business and how she helps clients with their Big Financial Goals!

What is your title and what does it mean? How did you earn your title?

My title(s) are “Recovering Awkward Salesperson,” serial entrepreneur, and sales coach. I earned that title from failing in sales situations (a lot!) and then hitting a home run with one of the businesses that I grew from $0 to $1 million in 26 months.

How do you help your clients achieve Big Financial Goals?

My coaches and I help you go from feeling “sleazy and cheesy” in a sales call, to feeling authentic and aligned before, during, and after a sales call. Sales can feel icky and hold us back from sharing our unique gifts. We help you reframe your view of sales, create a sales process, and utilize your available resources, which supports you in closing more business and puts more money in your bank account. When you have more cash in your business then you have more options. One option would be to pay yourself more and give back!

What are some of the questions people should ask a Sales Coach before they officially join their Financial A-Team?

Ask them what were the results they helped other people achieve that are of a similar size and type of product or service. I would ask them about their journey with sales and see if their experiences resonate with you. I also like to do a mind and body check. “Does this logically make sense and how does my body feel about working with that person?” Ensure that they see where you are now and that they believe in your product or service.

I also like to do a mind and body check. “Does this logically make sense and how does my body feel about working with that person?”

– Jaime Rowe

What are some red flags that a Sales Coach may not be the right fit for someone?

If a Sales Coach is pushy and manipulative in their sales tactics with you, that is a big red flag to avoid working with that person. Another red flag is if something doesn’t align or feels “off” when you meet with them. They should also do assessments to discover your unique gifts; otherwise, it’s a red flag and they aren’t that interested in you or what you have to offer.

Who is on your Financial A-Team?

I have a variety of people that support my financial world in different and enriching ways. I have a tax accountant, strategic accountant, business partner, bookkeeper, financial planner, and several colleagues that are there to answer financial questions as money questions arise on a daily basis. I’m not sure where I would be today without them!

To connect with Jaime for sales coaching, visit her website https://impacttoincomeprogram.com/. You can connect with her about her Life + Business in Balance Mastermind Series at https://impacttoincomeprogram.com/mastermind/.

For any other questions, email Jaime at jrowe@jaimerowe.com.