We believe that women should hold more wealth. Period. And that starts by knowing how to use our money and make it work for us.

Imagine what it would be like to live in a world where women held more wealth. What would that world look like?

It would be a world filled with women making values-aligned decisions towards their personal financial goals and reinvesting in their communities. Raise your hand if you want to live in wealthier and healthier communities.

Well, at the Pledgettes, we’re making that vision a reality. We call ourselves community-made women because we know that each step we take individually has a greater collective impact.  

It’s your money. What do you want to do with it?

Ask yourself the hard questions. Don’t be afraid to make big goals.

Launch a business. Invest in real estate. Get excited about money conversations.

Wealth isn’t cookie-cutter. It’s what you make it.

At the Pledgettes, we talk about money because we can and we should. We have conversations that clarify our goals and embolden us to take action towards achieving those goals. 

We’re making money moves we believe in and we’re writing our own money stories.

What’s your money story going to be?

Take an Active Role