About once/quarter, I collaborate with General Assembly to facilitate a money panel. On July 15, we are bringing together some great panelists to talk about Mental Health and Money.

Panelists include:

Maia Monell of Nav.it. The Nav.it financial app is all about Financial Wellness. And their new mindset features have me very excited. Not only do you track your spending to understand the fiscal habits but you track your emotions too. Do you tend to spend more money when you’re stressed or excited?

Wendy Wright of Wendy Wright Counseling. Wendy was the first Financial Therapist I met back in 2019. And…OF COURSE there are financial therapists. Just like there are therapists that specialize in trauma, food, marriage, and more; evolving your life-long relationship with money is crucial.

Jess Manuszak of I Love You the Monsters is not shy about talking about Mental Health. She’s bringing the money aspect into the conversation with us.

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