We are excited to be bringing our signature 100 ______ Talking Money program to Freelance Business Week 2021 as we bring together 100 FREELANCERS Talking Money.

I have been a proud freelancer since 2017 and haven’t looked back yet.  I have written about my transition to freelancing in a blog post. A big factor in a successful transition for me was being able to talk about money with other freelancers.

In The Pledgettes, there are a number of self-employed women ready to talk about negotiating rates, hourly vs. project-based billing, tools, and resources to support your freelancing journey.

I was on the Denver Freelance Business Week planning committee in 2019 and am excited to be returning as a speaker for 2021.  Check out the conference and I hope to see you there! You can attend 9 sessions for free or get an all-access pass!