Financial foundations

with MelissaMitt AFC® Candidate

Join us for an incredible small group money experience with The Pledgettes and MelissaMitt, AFC® Candidate.

Let’s move from Financial Chaos to Financial Confidence with a 3-month money experience. In 3 themes, you’ll go through…

Where do we begin?
When launching into a new journey we need to take a look at our starting point!  We will take some time to establish where we are in our relationship with money — both in numbers and in emotions. We’ll get to know each other and share the path forward on your personal finance journey!

Exploring your relationship with money.
A healthy relationship with money is paramount to your success. We know that in order to grow beyond the mindless money cycle we have to create a healthy relationship with money. We’ll go through tools and resources to get you where you want to be.

Where do we go from here?
You’re developing your foundation, let’s talk next steps. Three months is a perfect jumping-off point to start down a new path with your money — now it’s time to develop a plan from here.

Each month, you’ll have one monthly group session, one 1:1 session with Melissa, and one accountability partner meeting. You’ll receive tools and action items to complete between meetings. This will be a small group of 6 participants. You’ll each be paired with one accountability partner.

When you are ready, complete your application by Friday, August 27th.  We will be accepting participants on a rolling basis.  If we receive 6 strong applicants before August 27th, we will close applications and run the program with those candidates.

 Learn more Melissa at

Check out the FAQ below and email with any additional questions.  


How much does Financial Foundations cost?

This is the first time we are running Financial Foundations.  Normally, this program would be $750 for not-yet Pledgettes members, or $600 for Pledgettes members. 

However, for our beta, we are offering this program at $500 for not-yet members, or $350 for members.

If accepted, not-yet members would first join The Pledgettes Virtual or Denver membership plan.


When (and where) are the group sessions?

The group sessions are on the second Tuesdays of the month. Sessions will be virtually via Zoom. 

Tuesday, September 14, 1-2pm MST.  Or 3-4pm EST

Tuesday, October 12, 1-2pm MST

Tuesday, November 9, 1-2pm MST

Tuesday, December 14, 1-2pm MST


How do I schedule my monthly 1:1 sessions with Melissa?

You’ll work directly with Melissa to schedule your 1:1 monthly sessions on a mutually agreed upon times.  The majority of the times will be on Tuesdays.

Who is this program designed for?

This program is for women who are ready to take an active role in their personal finances. If you are ready for a reset, let go of money narratives you learned growing up, stop the shame around money conversations and replace the one-size-fits-all budget with something that works for you and your goals.

You will not be required to share any of your personal numbers (income, bank balances, budgets, etc).  However, know this is a safe space where you’ll participate with other women going through the same experience.   


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