Your money mindset is the key to understanding where you are starting so you can take action on where you are going!

It’s so foundational to the Financial Confidence we are building at The Pledgettes. So we made a workbook about it! It’s available to you FREE AS A DOWNLOAD and you can dive into some of the ideas below.

What is a Money Mindset?

Our Money Mindset is our instinctual reactions, beliefs, attitudes, and emotions about money. It shows up daily in our money choices, it impacts our money goals and wealth, it creates assumptions about others, and it can evolve at any given time. In order to benefit from our Money Mindset, we need to take action.

Oftentimes, the foundation of your money mindset begins with your first money memory. We talk about this a lot in The Pledgettes. Our early money memories shape our current money attitudes. We spend time identifying these memories, unpacking them and trying to understand how they affect our current money mindset.

It’s a GREAT place to start. Give it a try!

Your first money memory often:
– Includes another person
– Is tied to an emotion (positive or negative),
– Still remains a money experience that informs your money mindset.

A great way to start taking action is by doing a quick assessment like the one below – from our Evolve Your Money Mindset workbook (available for FREE DOWNLOAD HERE).

Answering questions about how you feel about money and your mindset around saving, investing, etc. helps you better formulate a plan for where you want to go with your money mindset.

7 Confident Actions to Take

  • Practice Money Gratitude: Instead of focusing on what you don’t have, focus on what you do have. How are you grateful for money?

  • Celebrate the Good Times: Sometimes the financial fails or bad times take up more space in our brain. Take time to celebrate the good times and regain balance with positive money memories.

  • Turn Financial Fails into Money Lessons: The biggest gift from a financial fail is the money lesson and hopefully we don’t repeat the financial fails. Reframe financial fails to money lessons.

  • Examine Your Financial A-Team: You are the company you keep. The people you are having money talks with influence your money mindset. Move to greener pastures, join Financial Friends events in The Pledgettes, and stop talking money to the people bringing you down.

  • Expand Your Financial Literacy: Financial literacy breeds financial confidence; financial confidence evolves your money mindset. Nobody was born with financial literacy; it is a learned skill, that takes a lot of practice! Those that have it, set the intention to learn and started learning. You can learn too!

  • Schedule a Money Date or State of Our Union: When you are planning the fiscal side of money, don’t neglect to improve the emotional side of money (or your money mindset). Celebrate money mindset wins with the same enthusiasm as celebrating financial wins.

  • Replace Money Blocks with a Money Mantra: Money blocks are not serving you. As money blocks pop up, ask “Is this true?” or “Is this getting me closer to my goals?” Create a money mantra that moves you forward.

Create Your Money Mantra

Your Money Mantra is for you, your Big Financial Goals, and your current, personal economy. Make it as unique as you.

  • Dream bigger! Seriously, bigger! In your wildest dreams, what is the ideal relationship you have with money? What does the best money mindset look like? Jot down some words you want to feel about money. Try out some words for how money will be a part of your holistic life.

  • Keep it positive! Move to your ideal state instead of running away from fear. Also, sometimes the universe doesn’t hear negative words like “don’t” or “no.” For example, instead of saying “No financial stress,” try saying “Full financial confidence!”

  • If at first you don’t believe, stick with it for a week, or try to create a ladder up mantra. What is something that is on its way to your ultimate money mantra and realistic to believe now?


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