We shouldn’t just plan for death but also plan for life. In this webinar you’ll learn your estate plan can speak for you when you can’t.

The world is an unpredictable place. As we continue to survive a pandemic, more than ever we are faced with the thought we should get our affairs in order. However, we shouldn’t just plan for death we should also plan for life. The current times are forcing us to be more creative. We are creating new businesses, bonding with family, and focused more on what we truly want to accomplish. Leaving a Legacy for your loved ones and making sure all that you have accomplished continues to grow is crucial to protecting your legacy.

The goal of the webinar is that you learn your personalized estate plan can continue to speak for you when you can’t and it is a great way to begin to set up your legacy. Even if the plan only starts off with your wisdom. Your wisdom of what should happen to your business, your social media accounts, how your trust funds should be managed, who would love and care for your child best, and other necessary guidance the people you leave in charge need.

Knowledge is an ignored but beneficial asset and should be in your estate plan. Don’t let your state probate court make the plan for you, they don’t know YOU. Take the time now to learn about the documents that will carry out your wishes and convey your wisdom for generations.

By the end of this webinar, you will learn:

– Why you have more than enough reasons and assets to start estate planning.

– Why talking to your family and friends about your plan is beneficial.

– The four documents that make up an estate plan.

– Why internet do-it-yourself and bargain-priced estate plans almost always end up in probate court.

– Why you should think outside the box when planning your estate.

– Why it is extremely important that your home and business be put into a living trust.

– How proper estate planning can keep your family from fighting and litigating for years after you’re gone

– How to create your own legally valid Will and why having just a Will is not enough.

– Why everyone over the age of 18 needs to appoint a Power of Attorney

– Learn how to reduce family fighting after you are gone by writing down the most important things you have learned during your time here on earth.

Jala Eaton, Esq. is on a mission to empower communities across the nation to build and protect their wealth in non-traditional ways. She seeks to create an inclusive and diverse financial ecosystem where people understand their money and control and protect their legacy through estate planning. As a result of her work, millennials are realizing that they should start the process of learning to invest and why they need to begin estate planning as early as age 18. Prior to making the leap from the cubicles of corporate America Jala worked as a trust officer managing the wealth of multi-millionaires. She is a published author, Certified Trust & Fiduciary Advisor and Trust and Estates Attorney in California.