WIS Lunch & Learn – Aligning Your Values with Your Money: Spending, Banking, & Investing with guest speaker Jenn Uhen of The Pledgettes

In this interactive workshop will talk about ways you can align your values to your:

– Spending: Leveraging your tremendous purchasing power and having a focus to spend less on what doesn’t align and more on your values.

– Banking: This easy switch won’t cost you more but can have a big impact on your community, the environment, and others important values.

– Investing: Grow your wealth in a way that feels good and does good.

We believe that everyone has something to learn and everyone has something to teach. Bring your tips, strategies, and ideas for how you are already doing this (or would like to do this).

About the presenter

As a mentor and advocate, Founder Jenn Uhen heard from many women that they will start investing “someday,” or that growing up they were taught to save their money. They weren’t taught the benefit of “investing in themselves” or investing on their own. Jenn also saw that women who were confident and clear with their financial goals had these “right-time, right-place conversations.” Jenn had a number of those conversations and saw the impact it made her in life.

Jenn built The Pledgettes to democratize access to financial experts, build a supportive space for women to evolve their relationship with money, and create connections so no woman is going after her personal financial goals alone.

Jenn and her husband have clear financial goals, which include a diverse portfolio of investment property, retirement accounts, and businesses. All while living a minimalist (but comfortable) lifestyle, including traveling the country in an Airstream RV.

About Women in Sustainability

Women in Sustainability is an nonprofit inclusive organization that brings together women and allies who are passionate about sustainability. We provide a safe place for like-minded individuals to connect, learn, and collaborate in order to fight climate change and social injustice. Our overarching goals are to save the planet through advocacy, to create an inclusive community, and to educate others about sustainability in all industries.