As you head into the holidays, let’s talk about how to be authentic and maintain your sanity while talking money with family.

The holidays are here – ready or not! We have all had those uncomfortable moments at the dinner table. Whether the topic is money, politics, or who gets the last slice of pie, the holidays can be prime times for stressful conversations with friends and relatives. The holidays can also be a time for connection, support, and vulnerability – but we have to know how to do that safely and with reciprocity!

Join us to learn more about how to create boundaries that set the stage for meaningful and authentic discussions about money. In Turkey, Pie, Money & Boundaries, we will show you how to be authentic and keep your sanity using your mind and body to identify and maintain the boundaries that are right for you – whether it’s a Yes, No, or Maybe boundary. We’ll strategize to set ground rules and practice tools to have safe and supportive conversations about money, and anything else that comes up. You’ll be creating new patterns and taking better care of yourself in no time!