April 6 - 10:30 am


July 12 - 06:00 pm

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The Pledgettes

Let’s talk money! Bring your questions, connection requests, and more. This is great for Pledgettes members or not-yet members!

You are invited to join Jenn Uhen for a 60-minute AMA (Ask Me Anything) once a month to ask any questions about: maximizing your membership, connecting you to financial professionals as you build your Financial A-Team, and finding a starting place to answer your money questions.

You can bring questions about money. Whether it’s a vague question about where to start or a specific question. I won’t offer financial advice but I’ll guide/connect you to reliable sources to get you going.

This event is great for new members of The Pledgettes or those considering membership. You can learn more about The Pledgettes and our membership at