March 9


12:00 pm - 01:00 pm

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The Pledgettes

Do you feel like you’re working against the tides, or just want things to feel more joyful in your money making?

Join Krista Trofka for the Astrology of Money.

We’ll explore how the stars can help you thrive as a leader, entrepreneur or CEO, as well as a primer using astrology to identify your money strengths .. and blocks. It might be weird (or maybe just unexpected), but if you’re craving a new perspective, join us with an open mind as we dive into how the cosmos can help you thrive. In this session, you will learn how to generate and read your own natal chart, so please bring your birth date, time and location for the most accurate reading.

Krista is a former Fortune 500 ladder climber, when she took an unexpected turn into the world of astrology this year to found Business+Woo. With a practical, perhaps even skeptical mind (hello, Capricorn!), she’s discovered astrology as a secret code to teach others to work with their natural energies and geniuses. When launching her Fortune 500 corporate consulting business, she began listening to the planets and found new ways of creating success. Using astrology, her goal is to help you find a little more flow and magic in your own life.