Have you ever felt you aren’t getting the traction that you were hoping for with your big dreams and goals?

Have you ever set financial goals or decided it was time to change your habits with money – only to find yourself right back where you started just a few days, weeks, or months later? OR that you have big dreams and goals and you just aren’t getting the traction that you were hoping for?

If you answered YES, then this interactive and transformational event is for YOU!

Mastering our money and finances runs much deeper than understanding the numbers, budgets, and spreadsheets. During this event, Jordan Pendleton shares 5 essential elements (that have nothing to do with numbers or strategies) that we MUST understand to make long-lasting progress in our finances – and ultimately in creating the lives and impact that we are MADE for!

In this presentation, you will…

– Begin to transform your relationship and mindset with money NOW;

– Get clear on what matters MOST to you and what true success means to YOU;

– Identify what’s REALLY stopping you from making the financial progress you are desiring;

– and more!

After 4 years into starting her first business as a financial planner, Jordan Pendleton looked like she “had it all together” from the outside – making great money, earning awards, and following the path to “success” in the industry. But behind the scenes, she was feeling utterly unfulfilled, burned out, lost, and…. in DEBT! Something was clearly missing. She was determined to find the answers around what was really stopping her from having the money and life she truly desired! Her own journey and transformation inspired her to want to help others do the same. Ultimately, Jordan decided to leave financial planning and is now a Purpose and Prosperity Coach with RevenueTribe engaging in the money conversation from a whole new angle to help inspiring, impact-driven leaders to realign their mindsets, their decisions, and their lives based on what is truly most important to them and finding their authentic path. She loves helping her clients get to the ROOT of what is really stopping them from whatever they are desiring most in their finances so that they can live full lives of joy, purpose, and impact!