Here’s the big ‘secret’ of entrepreneurship: successful founders don’t do it all. Not even close.

They do a lot of small, high-impact things, and they do them every damn day. In other words, they know how to prioritize and what to put on their daily to-do list to maximize their time and reach their goals faster. In this workshop, I’m diving into the 5 habits every profitable entrepreneur has to build a wealthy, healthy, and impactful company. We’ll be talking about the things that you can do on the daily to get closer to your goals, even if you don’t have a team, a perfect product, or a lot of money. Join us to learn how to make your big vision a reality and get your questions answered about your own roadmap for your business.

Jess is a no-BS business coach and the CEO of Backbone Business. She helps founders who are overwhelmed, overworked, and over their whole business get back their freedom, stability, and profitability so they can create happy, healthy lives for themselves and their teams and run the businesses they were born to lead. She’s committed to helping people build equitable businesses that shift our society’s structures and change the conversation. She’s pureed her background in marketing, brand management, and fundraising with real-life business tools and mindset work to help her clients blow their own minds. She lives in the Pasadena, CA area and in her free time, you can find her hiking, playing video games, and searching for the perfect matcha latte. Follow her on Instagram @backbonebusiness.