August 29


06:00 pm - 07:00 pm

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The Pledgettes

Real Estate for the Greater Good w/ Bri Erger

As housing prices increase and wages don’t keep up, there is a deep need for innovation in housing. In this event, Bri will share innovative approaches to housing, including the intersection of housing and community. Event attendees will learn about creative pathways towards home ownership through opportunities like cooperatives, co-housing, co-buying, and renter equity, all of which elevate the greater good of our community.

Bri Erger is passionate about community development and social justice, and has focused her career both at local and global levels. As a real estate agent, she helps clients realize new pathways to homeownership, building wealth, and strengthening communities. Bri works with individuals and families to buy and sell their homes. She also knows there is an opportunity to expand access to homeownership through creative models – co-buying, co-housing, housing cooperatives, and rental collectives – and by ensuring more people have the tools to make homeownership a reality. At her core, she believes real estate can and should be advancing social justice. As a real estate agent, she is committed to helping artists, activists, entrepreneurs, nonprofit professionals, educators, essential workers, and the broader community members to continue living in the cities and neighborhoods where they work. Bri knows first-hand how living in a community has the potential to ignite creativity, stimulate self-actualization, and help people to play more active roles in transforming their lives and our world. She is a cofounder of Skyland House, an intentional community located in northeast Park Hill and co-owns a home in north Park Hill. She is proud to be co-creating homes where kindred spirits converge for individual growth, creative empowerment, neighborhood engagement, global citizenship, sustainable living practices, and giving back. She believes that community is an essential building block for creating a more cooperative, just, and sustainable world.