Open enrollment is soon. Join us in this webinar to learn more before making a decision.

How many times have you asked, “Do you take my insurance?” without really knowing what it means. What about ending up with a big medical bill months after you used your insurance? Medical insurance can be hard to navigate.

In this webinar, learn what it means if a practice is in-network or out-of network, what the difference is between a copay and co-insurance, how to best use your insurance to work for you, and what your other options are outside of the traditional insurance model. Good knowledge to have before making decisions about your healthcare plan for next year.

Dr. Krystyna Holland, PT own Inclusive Care, a physical therapy practice. Her journey as a medical provider started as a patient, and frustrations with her own care inspired her to treat differently in her own practice. She has seen how healthcare discrepancies impact patient care and experience, and started Inclusive Care to provide quality healthcare to everyone.