We live in a financial world created by men. It highlights a man’s strengths and accents a woman’s weaknesses.

It’s time to learn how to be with money using your unique super powers. When you understand what money truly is, your doubts, fears, and frustrations will no longer control your decisions.

You will also see how your limiting beliefs about money and your ability to become wealthy have held you back.

Your relationship with money will transform and you will discover how to peacefully create abundant wealth.

Kathryn Eriksen is known as the Wealthy Alchemist, teaching women how to create wealth from within.

After practicing law for 23 years, Kathryn began writing inspirational fiction novels, and she discovered her ability to help women entrepreneurs reconnect to their abundant selves.

A certified meditation and mindfulness teacher, her coaching programs are embedded with mindfulness principles, and many of her meditations can be found on Insight Timer.

Kathryn’s greatest joy is to show women how to connect to their Feminine Money Super Powers and create a peaceful relationship with money, abundance, and wealth.

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