Money talks and so should we! For those that value spending money on experiences travel quickly rises to the top of the list.

This panel brings together three women who are looking at travel from different perspectives to inspire you to explore new options. Bring your questions and an open mind as we talk about Different Travel Styles to Match Your Financial Goals.

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Michele Friedman – The Travel Agent

Michele is a passionate world traveler (60 countries & 7 continents) blogger and trip planner! She enthusiastically curates luxury getaways, honeymoons, destination weddings, group adventure trips, and family vacations to all parts of the globe. Her travel agency, MicheleTravels, grew out of my passion for exploring the world and wanting to help others do the same. She has 10+ years of experience working in the travel industry and has helped hundreds of clients make their dream getaway a reality! In her free time, you’ll find her enjoying the outdoors, in a foreign country with her camera and journal in hand, reading, or challenging herself to learn something new.

Sarah Moe – The Housesitter

Where is your favorite croissant? Sarah has been traveling full-time for the past 5 years as a way to save money to buy a house, see the world, and find the best croissant (just a small personal goal). She works from my laptop as a lawyer, business consultant, and started a new program to become a coder. Sarah has leveraged housesitting to explore new cities across the country and world.

Tricia Leach – The Full-Time RVer

Tricia Leach and her family have been traveling as Keep Your Daydream. You can follow their adventure on YouTube, listen to their podcast and read their blog for inspiration to turn your “someday” into now! They always had big dreams, like sailing around the world and living in Europe for a year, but they started to feel like they were waiting for their life to start. So we asked ourselves a simple question: What could we do right now? They were watching YouTube almost daily and were following countless sailing and RV channels. They decided that we could buy an RV and use the truck they already had to travel the States for six months. Little did they know that the first 6 months were eventually going to be known as “Season 1”. If you’re looking for something new and have an idea in the back of your head, you may have already discovered that it’s not going to go away. Tricia can help you turn these ideas into a reality and share what they learned along the way.

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