American Marketing Association - Colorado Chapter

Interactive workshop: we’ll have three small group discussions about money mindset, goals, and building the team that can get you there.

Tell me if this sounds familiar. You’re an expert marketer who can tackle most any project or situation. Product launch? Piece of cake. Digital or social media campaign? No sweat. Need a new website? No problem. What about setting your personal financial goals? Um, where do you even begin? So why not resolve to put yourself first in 2021? Join us in a growth lesson you won’t want to miss — learning how to take charge of your financial future once and for all.

Some of our conversation starters will be:

– What’s your first memory of money?

– What would you do if you won the lottery?

– How do you celebrate a financial achievement?

Between the money conversations, we’ll talk about:

– Evolving Your Money Mindset

– Dreaming Big with Financial Goals

– Building your Financial A-Team

About Jenn Uhen

As a career coach, mentor, and advocate, Founder Jenn Uhen heard from many women that they will start investing “someday,” or that growing up they were taught to save their money. They weren’t taught the benefit of “investing in themselves” or investing on their own. Jenn also saw that women who were confident and clear with their financial goals had these “right-time, right-place conversations.” Jenn had a number of those conversations and saw the impact it made her in life.

Combine these conversations with binge-watching The Handmaid’s Tale, a lot of research on the gender income and wealth gaps, and some infuriating realizations and personal experiences, Jenn knew she had to do something. Jenn built The Pledgettes to democratize access to financial experts, build a supportive space for women to evolve their relationship with money, and have company as we all go on our own personal financial goals.

Jenn and her husband have clear financial goals, which include a diverse portfolio of investment property, retirement accounts, and businesses. All while living a minimalist (but comfortable) lifestyle, including traveling the country in an Airstream RV.