It’s time you know your worth and feel your innate power.

This workshop will show you how to expand your resonance so that your vision, voice and visibility ripples to expand your impact. I challenge you to see beyond your limitations, to amplify your clarity, find your confidence and build courage in your career journey. If you are a job seeker or professional who no longer wants to tolerate disengagement, disconnection, and insignificance in their career join me on this journey to clarity. Together, we will build confidence to face the challenges of career growth during uncertain times, and amplify how awesome you really are.

Chelle is a first-generation college graduate that grew up with limiting beliefs, fear, and dysfunction. Through faith, resilience, grit and determination, she held executive leadership roles in Talent Acquisition and HR at Fortune 50 companies such as: Comcast, Lockheed Martin, Quest Diagnostics and Honeywell. She lived and worked in Asia, Latin America, has a MBA, and speaks Spanish and English. Chelle is a career ally, change maker, and positive mental fitness authority. She is known for coaching and guiding: in fact, Chelle has just started a new Meetup group for jobseekers, Colorado Career Connectors.