How to Navigate Your Social Responsibility with Jessica Bachus from Kenzi’s Causes

Jessica Bachus and Julie Palmer from Kenzi’s Causes will share about how you can ensure that your donations are going to nonprofits that are doing what they say they are going to do with your funds. We will share how you can verify if a nonprofit is really a nonprofit, how to verify if they are in good standing with the secretary of state and what are some of the major giving days in Colorado to nonprofits. In addition, we will share some myths and facts with you about nonprofits.

I started this organization in memory of my second child and daughter, Kenzi.

We lost Kenzi a few short months from her debut into the world — on January 23, 2007.

What remained of 2007 was understandably difficult for me and my family. Losing a child is losing a piece of yourself, and countless unfulfilled dreams and plans come along with it. As the holidays came back around again, I was reminded of the daughter I lost and the gifts I would never be able to give her. Most of all, I wished I could have given Kenzi her first Christmas doll.

I suddenly realized Kenzi’s memory deserved boundless love and gratitude. She may not physically be here now, but her existence — although unreasonably short-lived — made such an everlasting impact that we choose to do good in her name because we can only imagine how much better the world would be if she got to live in it.

No one could have ever expected incredible good to grow out of our family’s great loss, but that, in itself, proves her influence.

We established Dolls for Daughters® in December of 2007 in her memory, which has evolved into what is now known as Kenzi’s Causes.


What was built off a personal tragedy has evolved into a fulfilling, purpose-driven mission. Prior to 2007, I always strived to give back and show compassion for others. I learned a lot about doing well from my mother and applied those lessons throughout my life as an English teacher, cheerleading coach, and mother myself.

I hold a Bachelor of Arts degree in Secondary Education and taught (Grades 9-12th) for three years. I also hold my masters degree in Information Learning Technology and earned a Nonprofit Management and Leadership Certification.

As Executive Director, I hold myself responsible for the overall success of this organization. Although it’s my professional responsibility, I’ve made it my personal mission to expand all our programs by connecting with donors and sponsors regularly, facilitating and attending all events and program locations, and being an available resource to the families and children in our Kenzi’s Kidz Program.

We are changing the lives of low-income families in the Colorado area because it matters. It’s just that simple. I do this work to change their lives, honor Kenzi, and make a positive change in the community. Without our cause, thousands of families and children would face their own version of tragedy — and if there’s anything I set out to do — it’s to prevent anyone from suffering any form of loss.