Full Frontal Financials: How To Choose A Financial Advisor Who Actually Meets Your Needs

The world of Financial Services and Private Wealth Management is a murky sea of vague information. Hiring a financial advisor can be an intimidating process often preventing people from asking important questions and ultimately advocating for their needs. In this 45 minute workshop, Annie and Chandler, a lady team of fiduciary advisors will demystify the Wealth Management Landscape and provide a framework of important questions and need-to-know information for anyone considering either hiring an advisor or reevaluating your current advisor.

Anne Kiser- I am a series 65 licensed Financial Advisor on a mission to educate and empower my clients to become savvy and confident stewards of their money. Through goal setting, strategic management, and competent planning, I help people transform their relationship with money. As a fiduciary advisor, my process involves getting to know clients by listening deeply to their passions, concerns, goals, and objectives and co-creating a plan that brings structure, clarity, and abundance to their lives.

Chandler te Velde – As a Certified Financial Plannerâ„¢ and an early investor in Maia Wealth I learned firsthand the importance of making smart calculated investment decisions with long-term goals in mind. I am dedicated to working with women who want to step up their game professionally and financially. I build my clients’ financial plans around their goals and inspire the people I work with to feel confident and knowledgeable with their money. Maia Wealth is an independent Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) dedicated to providing comprehensive financial planning and exemplary service to all of our clients.

Maia Wealth is among a small minority of advisors that are independent fiduciaries and are entirely unbiased and conflict-free when giving investment advice. Look your advisors up on brokercheck.finra.org to see if they are currently affiliated with a broker-dealer or if they are pure Investment Advisers.