Want to buy a home but don’t know where to start? This event is for you!

Are you curious about the home buying process and are looking for insight from someone just like you who has successfully purchased a home? Do you have the desire to put down roots but still enjoy the companionship of living with others? Are you are looking for a way to ease into homeownership? This event is perfect for you!

When I started working an entry level position I realized at least 30% of my salary was going towards living expenses. Panic flooded over me. How will I generate savings? How do I avoid living paycheck to paycheck? How am I ever going to get ahead in life? While my anxiety got the best of me, I started fantasizing about having that 30% in my pocket. There had to be a way, and there is. It’s called house hacking: buying a house and renting out the extra bedrooms to live for under market value. Sounds too good to be true, right?

During this presentation I will walk you through my journey. How I became a homeowner and landlord by age 23 and leveraged homeownership to set myself up for a better future. Life is too short to slave away at work just to “barely get by” or to have your wallet drained by just…existing. House hacking is why I’m so passionate about guiding younger generations through the homeownership process. I want to give you the exact steps to live for less and have more money to spend on things you love!

You will learn: The first step to homeownership and how to set up realistic goals for your future. How to own a home and live for free. What to consider when owning a home and living with friends.

Hi, I’m Sam and I’m a total real estate nerd! For almost 4 years I have been a licensed real estate broker in the state of Colorado. As a 3rd generation real estate agent and Denver native I have a lot to offer to my clients. I started my career after college when I got my real estate license, worked under my father to learn the ins and outs of the industry, and also worked full time at Zillow Group. While learning from my father I had visibility into every transaction, their hardships, and their success and while working with Zillow I would train top performing real estate agents and teams on how to build detailed marketing plans, sales funnels, lead generation, and nurturing. The knowledge and experience from both of these positions lead me to where I am today as a full time Realtor. My passion today comes from giving young generations the knowledge and tools to invest in real estate in order to set yourself up for financial freedom.