April is Financial Literacy Month and we are closing out the month with 5 Interactive Money Workshops.

These workshops will include small group money talks breakouts (a great time and place to meet some Financial Friends) and shared best practices on the day’s topic. Come to one workshop or come to all 5 this week! You are invited to take an active role in your personal finances.

Healthy, Wealthy Money Talks

Having money conversations is like peeling back the layers of the onion. Jenn will present her top tips on establishing a safe place, great conversation starter questions, and we will also jump into it and have money conversations in Zoom breakout rooms. To quell any fears, you will not be asked to share any of your financial numbers in these conversations. We won’t be talking about bank balances, retirement account amounts, or salary. We’ll talk about your first money memory, current financial goals, and what retirement will look like for you.

We’ll share best practices for money talks with:

– Yourself

– Your Friends and Partner

– Your Parents

– Your Financial A-Team