Ever hear or read something financial and think, “should I pay attention to that?” Or “does that impact my finances?”.

Making short term changes to your investments, or financial strategy based on headlines or news could be risky.

Learn when it makes sense to pay attention and when it makes sense to simply ignore financial news.

We will discuss – issues surrounding interest rates – COVID and it’s impact on the general economy – the new presidential administration – and the barrage of opinions and salacious headlines that try to get you to act now!

Bring your questions to Megan Kanter, CFP, for a discussion on current events and personal finances.

Megan Kanter serves on Moneta’s Advisory Team to build and cultivate long-lasting relationships with clients.

Megan’s goal is to always empower people to make smarter financial decisions. She does this by finding ways to consistently further her education in order to bring innovative and effective financial tools, solutions and resources to clients. She also brings a unique perspective with experience at firms in both Boston and Denver.

Megan earned her Bachelor of Science degree with a focus on accounting and finance from the University of Denver. Prior to joining Moneta, Megan worked at Eaton Vance in Boston, where she worked with high-net-worth individuals and focused on tax-planning strategies. Looking to expand her knowledge, she then moved to Denver to work for Personal Capital, learning important aspects of behavioral finance and how to expertly tie technology into the financial planning equation.

Outside of Moneta, Megan enjoys a variety of outdoor activities, including skiing, hiking, traveling and spending time with her Golden retriever. You will often find her involved in numerous mentoring opportunities.