More than ever people are looking for flexible solutions to provide security in their lives, and they’re increasingly turning to day trading

However, there are a lot of misconceptions about the world of trading. Primarily, that it’s the purview of white collar men. And it most definitely looks like gambling. The world of finance and trading is shrouded in an inaccessible cloud of mystery.

However, the markets are not impossible to crack. These are very basic concepts, and there are ways to approach it with rules and a plan that make it a far cry from gambling. But it does require discipline and patience.

This event demystifies that world, and talks about how trading can very much be what you make of it. In some ways, it’s the ultimate gig economy job- whether it’s a side hustle to fund more travel and leisure, a means to invest in your own projects, or a career change. You can tailor it to your needs, your lifestyle, and your schedule. What trading provides is freedom of choice. It’s there for anyone. It’s simply about acquiring the tools to access it.

Working a circuitous route from studying cheese and wine as a cheesemonger to becoming a creative director, Saumya has always pursued career paths that fostered enough freedom to channel creativity and explore passions, with the end goal of increasingly providing geographic and financial freedom.

With that in mind, it was through the encouragement of her mother, who was an established trader, that she was finally introduced to the world of day trading. And now she’s hooked. Now understanding what a gift this skill set is, she’s become a passionate trading coach, teaching and advocating for the freedom it provides.