If you’re sitting on some well-stashed savings, you’ve paid or are close to paying off debts and you’re starting to think…

..’Ok, I’m ready to grow wealth,’ then you won’t want to miss this session with the Co-founder of Nav.it, Maia Monell. Instead of her usual talk track, she’s joining us to talk investing. More specifically, how building a good relationship with your investment and growth plans all starts with a North Star, or as the 1% calls, ‘A Thesis.’ We’ll cover topics like: where to start with your investing thesis, how to bring other family members to the table, and what to do with that thesis once it’s crafted.

Maia’s the Co-founder and CMO of the Nav.it Money App. The app that helps you track and improve your financial habits like you do your fitness routine. At Nav.it, Maia is dedicated to building a new kind of relationship with consumers; one centered on lasting trust, making Nav.it the most relatable and approachable money management app. When she’s not pitching, selling, and creating for Nav.it, Maia’s working with her family’s two foundations, The Monell Foundation and The Vetlesen Foundation. Over the past few years Maia’s worked to strengthen relationships with new and existing grantees, build a presence online and establish the next generation of philanthropic effort. She’s devoted to closing wealth gaps perpetuated by a system not built for the majority of America. She’s passionate about funding initiatives often overlooked and is driven to make an impact in the lives of those far less fortunate than herself.

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