Resilience is defined as the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties and this seems like the perfect time to start doing that.

Developing financial resilience allows us to face the numeric reality of our present moment and create an actionable plan to realign with our goals. 2020 provided no shortage of difficulties and most people experienced a financial interruption on some level. Join us for this discussion to get a better understanding of how to build your financial resilience, bring forward new habits and make 2021 your most financially resilient year.

Cheryl Nelson Boyd is a financial advisor and CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™️ practitioner with over 12 years helping families, individuals and business owners attain financial independence. Cheryl specializes in helping to meet the financial needs of working women with a focus on the unique opportunities and challenges that women in the workplace face. Through the process of comprehensive planning, she helps clients define their values and make aligned choices with their investment objectives. She is passionate about helping others live the full and rich lives they are working towards. She is a local provider of the Ameriprise Financial Wellness program which offers practical advice, educational workshops, tool and resources that can help employees make informed financial choices and help them be happier, healthier contributors to their workplace.

Cheryl is actively involved with Vail Veterans, HEY MAMA, and the Financial Planning Association. She lives in Louisville and enjoys running or biking the Coal Creek trail with her family.