October 26


12:00 pm - 01:00 pm

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The Pledgettes

Are You Present in Your Body with Your Money? Join us with special guest Dana Stovern!

There’s a new kind of financial literacy giving us access to a whole new realm of financial wellness that comes through the soft-sided door of body-based intelligence. This body-based money relationship practice and process is a profound discovery: When you are present in your body during financial transactions, your money life improves!

As alien as this sounds in the world of personal money management, it’s an essential component of our personal financial pictures. Once we grasp the presence of our body-based money relationship that is hiding in plain sight, we leverage a valuable and interconnected experience with our finances. It becomes a powerful influencer, practical daily tool and answer to the transformational interior of one of the most vulnerable, intimate and sensitive relationships of our lives: our money relationship.

Join Dana Stovern, founder and coach of The Magic of Somatic Money, to workshop the basics of your getting-present-in-your-body-with-your-money practice! This will include the steps of:

1. What it means to really slow down with your money.

2. What it means to breathe during your money transactions.

3. What it means to become mindfully-aware or body-present with your finances.

4. What it means to become calm and grounded during your money work.

Through this process you’ll learn just how much you’ve been emotionally and physically triggering through your body with your fight-flight-freeze response systems – causing you more financial hassles then you need. Through this process you’ll learn how to manage your financial triggers so that you may grow into better emotion-based health and support with your money relationship!

Dana Stovern, Somatic Money founder and coach, brings revolutionary body-based money relationship work to life by encouraging her clients and audiences to explore authentic money relationships with unique tools for deeper personal value. Somatic Money is Stovern’s necessity of invention birthed from tragic loss, triggering her need for better life answers. She now successfully coaches professionals and business owners from across the country with innovative Somatic Money practices, concepts and tools. For Somatic Money classes, coaching inquiries, speaking inquiries and to learn more about Dana and Somatic Money, you may go to