There is nothing more powerful than a room full of incredible women committed to doing big things. I am still beaming from last week’s Denver event at TARRA with our amazing community partners.

Over the past two and a half years, The Pledgettes has adjusted to the changing times and morphed into a thriving online community. Our twice monthly speaker webinars are informative and fun, our social Financial Friends virtual and Denver chats brighten the month and our platform delivers daily discussion.

But there is just NOTHING like being in a real room together with you. Nothing makes me feel stronger or more confident about our future than being in community with you all. 

I created The Pledgettes in 2019. I felt like I was going through the motions and grinding on some Big Financial Goals. Aside from my partner, nobody saw it. I didn’t have people sharing resources, celebrating milestones, answering my questions (there’s always a bit of naiveté in doing big things). I didn’t have mentors showing me a path or option. I felt isolated in this experience. I wanted to shake it up and do things differently and ask Why and have values at the center of my money moves.

I started money conversations with anyone woman I felt I may be open to it. And I received one of two reactions: a “hell yes, let’s talk money” or a physical recoil away from me. 

Throughout my life is was the people that emboldened me to do be things and if it didn’t exist, I was going to create it. I was going to bring women together for weekly money conversations. I was going to elevate the circles I spent time with to learn, share, and ask. 

And as we celebrate our third anniversary, I was beaming as we all stand in a room together…in a financial community…to celebrate, share, and ask. We are doing this. You are a part of this. You are invited. So come…come tonight, come Friday, come to all our upcoming events. Take an active role in your personal finances.

It was pure magic seeing women engaged in healthy, wealthy money talks with their new Financial Friends. I had some serious FOMO as I wish I could have participated in each money talk that was happening in the room. I was able to have some chats where I heard first money memories of that first paycheck or buying a coveted denim jacket. I was inspired and learned how other women were taking an active role in their personal finances and communities to build a healthier, wealthier future. I know these money talks were great because I couldn’t get them to stop, even when we turned the lights out. I hope you exchanged information with your new Financial Friends and are keeping these money talks together.

One of my favorite parts of the night were the breaks we took to share financial wins. It was so fun being crowded around a circle in the beautiful space of TARRA and hearing women shout out the amazing things they are doing! Spending money to invest in classes to grow their businesses! Paying off student loans! Starting a business! Accepting a huge donation to fund work for a non-profit! The Pledgettes have a LOT to celebrate this year.

I spent the evening on cloud nine soaking it all in. Building community is special. Showing up and participating in community is powerful. You are special. You are powerful. You are going to change the world. So THANK YOU for showing up. And I have so more thank yous for our partners in this event.

TARRA’s workspace was a beautiful place to hold the event. It was warm, welcoming and there was a place for everyone. TARRA is a co-working space in Denver committed to transforming the way women connect in business and life. Their new workspace near 9th & Colorado is a flexible office where you can find the tools, network and resources to thrive. The space in which we hosted the event was swanky and welcoming. Like the very best coffee shop you ever worked in – surrounded by powerful women making things happen in the world.

We were joined by our fabulous women’s communities from around Denver. And our event was made even more enjoyable with , beverages from our incredible parters Epic Brewing, Infinite Monkey Theorem and Gruvi Non-Alcoholic Wines & Beers.

Another highlight of the night is hearing from the leaders of the amazing Denver women’s communities that joined us for the event. We are all complex women and can’t be fulfilled by one community. Each of these communities support and inspire their members in unique ways. And together, change the world.

And these communities are CHANGING 👏 THE 👏 WORLD 👏. Seriously – leaving the event that night felt full of the hope and optimism that comes from a deep trust that the women around you are powerful. And they are making things happen. So keep in touch with these communities and show up to build the healthier, wealthier communities of the future.


On a mission to work with survivors of intimate partner violence on their journey to economic independence from their harm-doers, Cora brought the inspiration! She showed off plant propagation stations made from reclaimed wood taken from a demolished house. These are just some of the examples of the beautiful things the survivors in her community make to increase sustainability while working with their hands to improve their financial lives.

She Goes High

Chrysta Bairre rocked the room when she announced she was “no longer staying in her place!” Too often – women hear where they are “supposed to be” and don’t move. Chrysta and She Goes high, an empowering women’s networking group for Northern Colorado, are all about changing that dynamic. Her presentation was electric and cheers ereupted from the entire group as we felt seen and heard. It’s clear we are ready to move OUT of our prescribed places along side Chrysta and She Goes High.

Olive & Olde’s

Knowing the power of a soft place to land, Megan Schmer created Olive & Olde’s from a deep love of the soft, cozy things in life that provide comfort when we need it most. Megan brought a beautiful array of eye pillows, neck wraps, comfort packs, and zafu (and two lucky giveaway winners left with an eye pillow and comfort pack). Olive & Olde’s focus on Integrity, Imagination, Innovation & Community in their business dovetailed so nicely in a room of women committed to values-aligned work in our world and their products are all manufactured and sewn in Colorado

Women in Sustainability

Becky brought the DIRT. Seriously – she did. With soil samples and questionnaires, Becky Migas of Women in Sustainability discussed the importance of soil to sustainability and the impact of climate change on women farmers. Women and minority farmers are disproportionately affected by climate change. Women in Sustainability is creating awareness and change to empower this community.

Rising Tide Denver

What if you could meet other solopreneurs and peers intentionally on a walk? Rising Tide Denver educates and empowers independent businesses to thrive in the spirit of community over competition. You may have heard of their events as “Tuesdays Together” and it’s your time to get together in community to learn, connect, and go to one of their walking networking events.

Gladiate Beautifully

Don’t mind me, I’ve just been going deep in my new Gladiate Beautifully Intention Planner. The Pledgettes is a financial community to support you being more intentional with your finances and Gladiate Beautifully zooms out and supports you in being more intentional with your time, goals, health, and more! Gladiate Beautifully are a brand that serves the marginalized with conferences, retreats, membership & mentorship. And they have just a couple tickets left to their October 1st & 2nd retreat!

Outgrow Your Garage

Starting a business is hard. Scaling a business can seem impossible! That’s what Outgrow Your Garage came to talk about. With online courses and tools created to support and educated business owners – they were right at home amongst all the entrepreneurs at Women’s Equality Day. But the most popular thing they offer? Free Virtual co-working sessions! A few  Pledgettes join these just to get things DONE and build a bit of community into their day.

Kite + Dart Group

On a mission to rehumanize business, Kite + Dart & Karen Bartlett told us about their new podcast, Now & Center, highlighting entrepreneurial voices from the margin. As a coaching and consulting business for intentional entrepreneurs, Kite + Dart empowers businesses with clarity and direction to meet any goals. As a values-aligned financial community, we LOVE to hear from this authentic consulting group!

The Giving Forward Project

The Giving Forward Project is on a mission to improve collective giving by donating $10K each quarter to their community-selected organization. Their goal is to source these donations from 100 women giving $100 each quarter. These women are proof of how powerful we can be when we come together, pool our resources and work proactively to make a difference. Fun fact? Last quarter, the recipient of the grant was none other than Women in Sustainability!

Second Act Women

“I’m 55 and that’s the new 55!” Barbara Brooks of SecondActWomen shouted to cheers while introducing her community. SecondActWomen helps middlescent women start and grow their companies, get hired, change jobs, or simply meet with other fab women 40 & 50+. Their work removes stigma of age and encourages women can claim their power throughout their lives. With events, tools, and resources – SecondActWomen is the jump start we want and the community we need.