Alison Romer is a Pledgette, a writer and a marketer near Denver, CO.

The last few months have been tough. Who are we kidding – the last couple years. 

But specifically – and lately – with the battle for women’s rights on the political stage after the highest federal court began taking away womens’ rights. I have this unshakeable feeling that we are moving back in time. A great regression of the progress our mothers and grandmothers fought so hard for. 

In the aftermath of the Supreme Court’s decision to reverse Roe vs. Wade via the Dobbs vs. Jackson Case, it was hard for me to find light in that darkness. And though the recent election has helped quell some worries – others remain heavy.

Hope sometimes feels out of reach. Action impossible. Grieving sometimes feels like the only option.

I’d like to say I bounced back after the Dobbs decision, but it was more like a clawing upwards and even now – months after the news – I feel myself slide a bit back into that hole now and again. 

But the one thing that consistently, doggedly lifts me up is my community. 

Collaborating with powerful, motivated women lights my fire. It stokes a spark of hope when I look around my world and see women doing things, creating things, building, organizing, laughing. It reminds me that laws can’t define us – only we can do that. 

The Pledgettes have been an instrumental part of building my community. About a year into the pandemic, I quit my toxic agency job to start my own marketing company. 

I felt empowered to take this leap because of this community. Women who were doing what I wanted to do – running their own shit – responded to my messages in the Pledgettes Platform (Hi so-and-so, I’m Alison and I’d love to talk to you). 

These women set up virtual coffee chats with me across time zones. They gave me practical advice, but more than anything – they showed me living proof that, not only can I do this, I can THRIVE. The way they were thriving. 

Starting my own business felt like a massive goal and an intimidating undertaking – but these women were living proof it was possible. 

Fast forward another year: my business is thriving. I love working for myself. I have cooler clients who pay me the rate I deserve and I do more values-aligned work. 

So I have new goals. 

At the beginning of 2021, I signed up for the pilot session of The Pledgettes Accountability League, PAL. Led by Melissa Mittelstaedt, an AFC candidate, PAL includes 1:1 coaching sessions with Melissa, bi-weekly group sessions (these are so fun!!), and a dedicated accountability partner for weekly or daily check-ins. It was the perfect kick start to identifying my goals. 

I started the session with completely different goals than I am perusing now. Throughout the quarter, our work in PAL helped me narrow down what I really wanted to achieve and the steps I could take today to get there.

It was eye-opening to build my goals from a place of self-understanding instead of place of arbitrary growth. And it was inspiring to watch other women achieve what they come to do – week by week – making huge shifts in their lives. 

Fast forward to now. My goals have shifted again. 

I realize the precarious balance of everything women have fought for. I realize how connected I am to the fight that came before me – the fight that made it possible for me to own my own business, my own house – hell, even my own credit card. 

I want to stand in a group of powerful, committed women and BURN SHIT DOWN so we can build it back. Not shoe-horned in to some existing system. But creating what we need by doing exactly what we want, making our own rules and affecting real change. 

I will be joining the next PAL session again – in January

I know now I am the most powerful when I have powerful women beside me. Group sessions get me fired up and focused. My accountability partner keeps me, well, accountable. And connects me more deeply back to what we are all working toward together. 

PAL is still accepting members for January. You can bring any goal you want to the group – even if you don’t want to burn shit down. Because maybe you want to build something new or feel better in your work, your life . . . Whatever it is you want to do – DO IT – because “What the world really needs is more women who come alive.”

Whatever you want to achieve – we are more powerful together. What you bring to this group will light up the others around you; and they will light you up in return. 

Let’s come alive together. Burn shit down. Build shit back up. Let’s make this world OURS.  

Join Me in PAL or Send me an Email to connect. – Alison