Confident Money Moves with The Pledgettes

Tune in to hear Jenn Uhen ask the interviewers some money starter questions.  Maia Monell, Co-Founder, talks about her first job at age 9, Erin Papworth, Co-Founder shares what she would do if she won the lottery, and we give you a rundown of The Pledgettes x‘s first money course: Nav.igating Confident Money Moves, which launches on October 5.

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On this very special podcast episode, we sat down with our dear friend and fellow Money Maven, Jenn Uhen. Jenn’s the Founder of The Pledgettes, the community of supportive womxn talking money. Join us as we explore the value of finding your Financial A-Team, which includes a solid network of friends, to guide you on your path to financial wellness.

Want to join in on the conversation? You’re in luck!’s teaming up with The Pledgettes for a 7-week Masterclass course. Each week we’ll talk about a different financial topic, all with the goal of helping you build confident money moves.

You can find more details on the course here.

Leveled Up Podcast #46 – Financial Breakthroughs PART 2 Money Confidence with Jenn Uhen

When I talked with women from Level Up, we couldn’t stop talking, so they made it a two-part podcast!  Here is the second part.


This week we are continuing our conversation of money confidence with Jenn Uhen and share our own personal financial breakthroughs and what that actually means to us. Needless to say… we became very vulnerable in this episode.

Jenn Uhen is the founder of The Pledgettes, an organization that focuses on in-depth conversations on money and women.