Guest Blog Written by Chrysta Barre

Last week I attended the Women’s Equality Day event in Denver hosted by the Pledgettes. The She Goes High booth was located in a corner of the front part of the space at TARRA, and when Jenn introduced me I decided not to stay tucked away in the corner, and to come up to what was, more or less, the “front” of the room. 

As I walked over to where Jenn was standing, I thought about how often we stay where we started, or where we’re placed, and try our best to make a difference from there. Sometimes we wait until we’re given permission, or invited to move to a different spot. We wait to feel ready or until the time is right, whatever that means! We do amazing work and still sometimes we’re only taking up a corner of the space that is open and available to us.

This thought moved me and so I spoke about it at the event. Isn’t it time we chose our place in the world instead of sticking to the place someone else told us was ours?! Isn’t it time we, as women, collectively started speaking our truths, taking up our space fully, completely, and powerfully? And when a place we’re put in isn’t working for the work we’re trying to do, it is time we changed positions and moved to the front of the room so we can be seen and heard.

This is what I love about the She Goes High community. While I began this community almost 5 years ago to be a place for introverts, by introverts, it is YOU, the amazing community of women, who have evolved it to be what it is today– a place to encourage, support, and radically support each other, a place where we normalize “stepping into our space”, “taking up space”, and doing the important work we are called to do in the world. This community is about authenticity, speaking your truth, and radical acceptance– whether that acceptance is self or of each other. We meet you where you are and we love you the way you are. We know you are doing incredible things in the world and you don’t have to prove anything to our community. 

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