We are all on our own personal financial journeys.  No two women and no two journeys look the same.  I love seeing how different members use their membership.  Here are four common ways I’ve seen members make their membership their own.

1 – Go all in!

These members are all in and getting value each week from their membership. These members attend a few events per month like our weekly expert-led programming, Member Meet-Ups, and Chapter Chats. They have built relationships with other members as accountability partners and cheerleaders. They have formed relationships outside of our community and support each others’ businesses and careers.  These members are usually the first to celebrate another member’s achievement, respond to member questions with their experience, and share their favorite books, HYSAs, and recommendations. They show up for each other and navigate the community app with ease.

2 – Short Binges

These members dive into the deep end head first and want to absorb all they can…quickly.  In the first three months, they watch replays of recent events, clarify their financial goals, and start making money moves. They are having money conversations with their partner and building their Financial A-Team.  They spend their first 100 days knowing where their money is and making sure it’s working for them.  Then, life may take them away for a bit but before you know it, they are back in for another binge. These members are integrating the responsibilities of today while planning for their future.

3 – Self-Guided and Self-Paced

Some members are looking for a self-paced individual experience.  They like to follow along with the posts and comments in the community.  They’ll watch webinar replays.  Each month, they recommit to the role they want The Pledgettes to play on their financial journey.  They like knowing that when they want support, they can pop into the community and ask a question, read an article, or watch an event replay.  They like learning on their own time and in their own way.  And we have a few members making big money moves because of their membership.

4 – Support the Mission

Some members believe in our mission to abolish the gender wealth gap.  They are confident in their own personal financial journey and are members of the community to support us – both with their membership dues and the occasional reply to a question.

There’s no one right or wrong way to use your membership with The Pledgettes.  Our community is built for our members and continues to evolve based on the influence of our members.  We are here to support your personal financial journey in a way that makes you successful.  We are proud to be a part of your journey, in whichever way you use your membership.