Everyone can continue to evolve their money mindset; it’s a lifelong process. Here are three ways to improve your money mindset.⁠

1 – Remember the good times.

Write down three times you were a total badass with money. Did you pay off your student loans? Did you transfer a 401(k) to a new IRA? Did you negotiate a raise or a purchase?⁠

2 – Appreciate the lessons.

We don’t always get it right; we make mistakes. Focus on the lessons from those experiences rather than the failure. Write down three money lessons you live by.⁠

3 – Talk money with your Financial A-Team.

Find people that can help you with your money goals (whether they are offering professional financial help or are there to give you a high-five when you reach a milestone). We talk about building your Financial A-Team often, sign up for our newsletter to get the worksheet on the 5 types of people that should be on your Financial A-Team.⁠