Applications are now closed. We anticipate opening the next round of applications in June 2021.  Stay tuned.


The Pledgettes’ goal is to abolish the gender wealth gap so that we can live in wealthier and healthier communities. Achieving this goal is going to take a village. (Learn more at

As this community grows, we are launching The Pledgettes Leadership Advisory Committee.  We are seeking four working advisors to participate in the first committee.  The purpose of this committee is to offer unique perspectives, ideas, and the future direction for The Pledgettes.  We are also asking our leadership advisors to contribute their unique skill sets.

We anticipate that each quarter we will rotate Leadership Advisors.  This will achieve multiple perspectives driving The Pledgettes forward while not becoming an immense overcommitment. To date, The Pledgettes has been run by Founder, Jenn Uhen, with the support of active members and key independent contractors.  Right now, The Pledgettes is self-sustaining, meaning the revenue from membership, ticket sales, and sponsorships covers the expenses of technology, operations, and limited independent contractors. The long-range goal of The Pledgettes is to provide benefit to those that have grown it through an ESOP or other options.

Over the next three months, we will focus on: 

  • Developing growth strategies
  • Clarify our value proposition and consistent messaging across all platforms 
  • Increasing membership and engagement

Are you committed to our mission to abolish the gender wealth gap?

Do you see opportunities to take an active role in the future and growth of The Pledgettes?

Will you share your unique skills and perspectives to evolve our community?

To set up the Advisory Committee’s success, we want to agree on commitments.


The Pledgettes CommitsAdvisors Commit
  • Monthly Committee Calls to share progress updates, discuss, and make commitments.
  • Logistic Coordination of Committee Meetings
  • We will respect your time and energy.
  • Keep our conversations confidential.
  • Monthly Committee Calls to share progress updates, discuss, and make commitments.
  • Active participation for the three-month commitment. 
  • Advise The Pledgettes with the best intentions. Sharing honest feedback and strong, achievable recommendations.
  • Leverage your skills, experience, and network.
  • Keep our conversations confidential. 



We will be co-creating the Leadership Advisory Committee with our first four advisors.  Here are some FAQs to see if this is a role you want to raise your hand for. 

– What is the size of the committee? 
The committee will consist of five individuals: four advisors and Jenn Uhen, The Pledgettes Founder.

– What is the time commitment?
The initial committee will be a 3-month commitment (April 5- July 5, 2021). I anticipate that it will be about 10 hours/month. There will be a monthly one-hour committee meeting and the rest of the time may be focused on special projects.

– What is the compensation?
Advisors will be compensated with a one-year membership to The Pledgettes.  Current Pledgettes members will be offered reimbursement for the membership dues they have paid or can have their next year comped. Not-yet members will receive a one-year membership.

– Do I need to be a Pledgettes member to be an advisor?
No, not-yet-members are also welcome to apply.  It is important that you have an understanding of our community and goals.

– What are the responsibilities of committee members?
The responsibilities will be based on your unique skills, ideas, and commitment capacity.  Each advisor may take on a special project that they feel would best contribute to the community.  Some examples of special projects that members have taken on include:

  • Jessi Burg leading a finance-focused book club 
  • Sarah Moe sharing a weekly #StartTalkingAboutMoney conversation starter 
  • Multiple members have led events: either our weekly expert-led events or conversational member meetups and chapter chats.

Your special project could be about marketing, events, operations, growth strategies, or more.  You may also take a leadership role hosting events or creating content for our community, blog, or social. 

– What is the deadline for applications?
Friday, April 2nd.


If you have any additional questions, please reach out to

Applications are now closed. We anticipate opening the next round of applications in June 2021.  Stay tuned.